WhiteHat Security 2013

Website Security Statistics Report

WhiteHat’s Website Security Statistics Report (13th Edition) provides a unique perspective on the state of website security and the issues that organizations must address to avert attack.

In addition to highlighting the Top 10 vulnerabilities vertical market trends and new attack vectors, this year’s report for the first time correlates vulnerability data from tens of thousands of websites from more than 650 organizations, continually monitored by WhiteHat Sentinel Services, with software development lifecycle (SDLC) activity data obtained from 76 survey respondents.

Key findings include:

  • 86% of all websites had at least one serious* vulnerability.
  • The average number of serious* vulnerabilities identified per website was 56, continuing the downward trend from 79 in 2011 and 230 in 2010.
  • Serious* vulnerabilities were resolved in an average of 193 days from first notification.
  • 61% of all serious* vulnerabilities were resolved, slightly less than the 63% during from 2011, but still up from 53% in 2010 and far better than 2007 when it was just 35%.

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