Did you know that you can optimize your Application Security program by using WhiteHat Security’s risk-based approach to AppSec? This is a powerful way for aligning security teams with business stakeholders, by incorporating a business driven application security strategy to identify risk, help prioritize mitigation methods, and benchmark your security programs with industry peers.

With the WhiteHat Security index (WSI), you have the ability to frame risk using a score that offers you an instant, visual overview of the robustness of your web applications. And WhiteHat Sentinel Peer Benchmarking dashboard enables you to determine your security KPIs by comparing yourself to industry peers.

With WhiteHat Sentinel, you can:

Communicate risk easily to business decision makers
Focus remediation efforts based on business impact
Demonstrate program effectiveness by risk trending
Compare your security program to industry peers

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WhiteHat Security Index (WSI) - Risk-based Approach to AppSec
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