How much are you worth?
What hackers do with your data once they have it

Ever wonder how hackers find vulnerable websites? Or how much your personal data is worth?

Join us as Ashley Hamilton, WhiteHat Security Application Security Engineer, takes you from exploit to marketplace.

In this webinar, Ashley:

  • Demonstrates how hackers find vulnerable websites.
  • Shows the tools they use to find and search your database.
  • Lists how hackers determine risk versus reward.
  • Takes you through the process hackers use to sell your data.
  • Lets you know exactly how much your personal data is worth.

Ashley Hamilton

Application Security Engineer

WhiteHat Security


This is 30 minutes you don't want to miss!

“Hackers don’t care about you or that you’re a 'mom and pop' shop. They care about your site and its vulnerabilities.”

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