WhiteHat Security Crash Course Series
Part 3: Abusing a Site’s Trust for the User – 2 hours
Tuesday, March 22, 2016 at 10:00 am PT
Following up on part 2 of this series, this webinar will flip the equation and focus on common vulnerabilities that abuse the trust an application has for its users and their browsers, including:
- Cross Site Request Forgery
- Session Fixation
- SQL Injection
- Abuse of Functionality
- Business Logic & Insufficient Process Validation
Most of these security holes deal with what is known as the confused deputy problem, which involves the application being tricked by a third party (our blackhat hacker) into misusing its given authority.

Kimberly Chung
TRC Training Supervisor

Security Consultant, WhiteHat Security

Kimberly Chung

These courses are led by Kimberly Chung, Training Supervisor for WhiteHat Security's Threat Research Center. Her primary responsibilities are to equip new hires with the practical knowledge and expertise required to perform vulnerability verification, DAST configuration, and manual business logic assessments.

Crash Course Series:
Uncovering the Top Vulnerabilities of Application Security

- Complimentary Training Series -

Participating in this 3-part Crash Course webinar series will give all participants a much deeper understanding of the vulnerabilities that exist in applications and on web sites, and how to prioritize and address these vulnerabilities.  Register for any one course or the entire webinar series. Registration is limited and seats will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
As hackers get more sophisticated and creative, the easiest and quickest way to identify potential flaws and weaknesses in your applications is to think like a hacker and to “Hack Yourself First”. Doing this will help you gain an important, in-depth understanding of the most common vulnerabilities targeted by hackers, and insights into the defensive tactics you can use to safeguard your apps from being exploited.
In this live Crash Course Series, you will learn about:
- The most common web application vulnerabilities
- How to recognize these vulnerabilities in your own apps and websites & their potential to be exploited
- How a potential attack might occur
- Famous past exploits
- Defensive tactics for each vulnerability class
NOTE: Each webinar in this series is 2 hours in duration. Attendees will receive a Certification of Completion for CPE credits after each session. These webinars are only offered live. You must attend to hear this valuable content!
WhiteHat Security is the pioneer in application and web site security, and a security expert from our Threat Research Center (TRC) will lead this course.