Think you understand software security? Think again. If you thought the growth of mobile was explosive, wait until you wade into the brave new world of IoT endpoints, where the security of the software running everything from industries, utilities and transportation to your own home will be the front line of defense.

At the same time, systems are approaching a continuous state of development and deployment requiring entirely new processes and a new sort of harmony between developers, operations and security teams. Yet those teams are still asked to do more with fewer personnel, and security often pays the price. Not a trivial concern when the consequences of failing to meet these new demands can be catastrophic.

Join us as 451’s Scott Crawford, vArmour's CISO Demetrios (Laz) Lazarikos, and WhiteHat Security’s Mike Goldgof discuss the new dynamics shaping software security, and the advantages of integrating security throughout the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

You’ll learn:
- How software security takes on today’s threat landscape
- What the evolution of DevOps and Continuous Integration mean for security
- Software security’s pivotal role in securing the emerging universe of IoT
- The benefits of security throughout the SDLC (in both dollars and productivity) from secure source to operations, and what to look for in shaping an enterprise strategy

Webinar On-Demand:
Software Security Resurgent - Preventing the Unthinkable

Scott Crawford Headshot
Scott Crawford
Research Director Information Security
451 Research

Mike Goldgof Headshot
Mike Goldgof
Senior Director
Product Marketing

WhiteHat Security

Laz Lazarikos
Demetrios (Laz) Lazarikos