Will Bug Bounty Work for You?

One emerging category of crowd sourcing is the bug bounty program, which is a deal offered by organizations to “bug bounty hunters” and security researchers, who can receive recognition and compensation for finding and reporting bugs, exploits, and vulnerabilities in the organizations’ websites.

As a technology company or security professional, it’s easy to see the attraction of running bug bounty programs alone, as your only security initiative. But these programs are not without risk, and timing can be a critical factor. Unless they are managed carefully, bug bounty programs can come with serious consequences for your overall security posture.

Web application vulnerabilities and exploits are constantly evolving and progressive organizations rely on an all-encompassing application security program to protect their business from threats.

A comprehensive program including dynamic analysis, static analysis and developer training, with an overarching human assessment component, is necessitated by the complexity of today’s web applications. If your current method of assessing vulnerabilities consists of only one of these methods, your security practices need to be reexamined.

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White Paper - April 2016