Thwarting Cybercrime with Continuous Application Security Testing

Cyber threats are intensifying with healthcare organizations facing thousands of attacks on a daily basis. Hundreds of them are potentially dangerous, and at least ten are so severe the CISO should call in law enforcement. Web-based applications, including mobile apps, are particularly vulnerable because application developers are typically not security experts. Furthermore, development teams are under significant pressure to release code quickly to meet aggressive deadlines, leaving little time for building in security in the first place and testing the code adequately for security vulnerabilities.

This white paper covers:

- Cybercrime trends in healthcare
- Benefits of continuous AppSec Testing and vulnerability assessment as an opportunity to thwart cybercrime
- Challenges and market opportunities
- Integrating security into the SDLC

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Adapted from Business Strategy: Thwarting Cyberthreats and Attacks Against HCOs, by Lynne Dunbrack, IDC #HI251775. Sponsored by WhiteHat Security

White Paper - April 2016