In a world where security breaches have caught not only the news headlines, but also the attention of the President of the United States, it is likely your security team has been called upon to reassure executive management that this does not happen to your organization.  And if your organization is like most, the mission-critical applications likely have vulnerabilities – even more than just a handful that need to be fixed. This step right here is where many organizations encounter their biggest challenge in application security: remediation. 

Many organizations, regardless of size or vertical find themselves in a state of vulnerability limbo. They have the data on what needs to be fixed, but taking the step to remediate is difficult for a number of reasons:

-The security risk presented by the vulnerability is hard to quantify against the opportunity cost of development resources for innovation.
-The sheer number of vulnerabilities in currently supported and legacy code is overwhelming.
-It’s unclear how long the fixes will take; therefore it is difficult to get executive buy-in and development resources assigned.
-No one understands or is responsible for maintaining the code.
-The code belongs to an unresponsive or uncooperative third-party vendor. 

Fortunately, there are answers to make the process of remediation easier. 

WhiteHat Security is teaming up with 451 Research to help your team to explore remediation and how to improve organizational processes. Whether you need to fix vulnerabilities found in legacy code, or for new applications that are on the verge of launch, this webinar will bring you up to speed on the vulnerabilities that are most common and should be fixed immediately as well as discuss real-world examples of how organizations have successfully implemented remediation plans for their applications. We will also share information on how WhiteHat Security can be your partner in helping your team to not only identify, but also to fix, vulnerabilities through a combination of technology and expertise.

Vulnerability Remediation

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Jeremiah Grossman
Interim Chief Executive Officer
WhiteHat Security 

Wendy Nather
Research Director, Enterprise Security Practice
451 Research